Fabrimetal has an industry reputation for reliability and high-quality. The experienced leadership team’s solid track record for consistently meeting international standards and providing strong cost management through an existing supply chain, enables local competitive pricing.

Fabrimetal - O seu parceiro no aço Fabrimetal - O seu parceiro no aço
A decade of KNOWLEDGE of ever-changing market demands, extensive industry experience, and a deep understanding of customer needs drives Fabrimetal to make quality the hallmark of FM TMT® (Fabrimetal Thermo Mechanically-Treated) rebars.

We have achieved EXCELLENCE in Quality by providing a product that consistently meets international requirements and standards, exceeding our customers’ expectations, from the production stage to packaging, storage and local transportation.


We pride ourselves on our effort to maintain market leadership, and gain competitive advantage over importers. Our collective goal is to meet and exceed our customers’ expectations.

Our passion is to contribute to the development of Angola. Our commitment is to produce a sustainable product that will enhance the well-being and future of a country that is realizing its potential.
Director of Human Resources at Fabrimetal
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