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Fabrimetal is a privately-owned company located in the town of Viana, Angola, 25 km from the capital city of Luanda. Formed in 2006, Fabrimetal is the leading manufacturer of FM TMT® rebars, high-quality thermo mechanically-treated steel reinforcement bars used to construct residential, commercial, industrial, and civil structures.


Our Commitment to Angola is Steel

Fabrimetal - O seu parceiro no aço

Integrating the MMD Steel Business Group with a decade of industry experience; with steel mill installations units across Sub-Saharan Africa; Angola, Democratic Republic of Congo, Rwanda, Mali, Burkina Faso, Ghana and Senegal. With MMD’s vast experience and understanding of the business, Fabrimetal Angola, has the best conditions to meet the growing demand for steel rebars. Increasingly present in the main markets and integrating systematically in the local markets, the company began its commercial production of FM TMT® rebars in Angola in November 2010.


Fabrimetal contributes to the rapid development of the country’s infrastructure, eliminating dependence on imports, supporting the growing construction industry, reducing environmental pollution, and creating jobs for angolans. The industrial proliferation in the area of the Industrial Pole of Viana promote the local economy, creating the conditions so that, today, more than 500 angolans are involved in the production of FM TMT® rebars. Fabrimetal prides itself on recruiting and training local workers, increasing the financial stability of many families, encourage a strong sense of pride in domestic production, and continues to develop expansion goals for the company and the team.



Where we are:

1. Angola    2. Mali    3. Ruanda    4. RD Congo    5. Burkina Faço    6. Gana    7. Senegal

Our Culture is based on the following philosophy: “To be ethical, to be transparent, to exceed customer standards and expectations, and to maintain consistent hygiene and safety practices in the workplace, fostering cohesive teamwork, leadership and ethics at work.“


Workforce, Fabrimetal contributes directly to the well being of more than 2,500 workers in the local community. The added value we generate to the national economy is very significant.

The opportunity to help communities, a region, and a country is a privilege. By building a sustainable livelihood for the people of Angola, we are supporting the economy. And by providing skills training and empowerment to the national workforce, we are building a solid foundation for a strong future.
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