Fabrimetal continuously strives to achieve excellence maintaining the focus on the production of FM TMT® rebars with international quality levels. Economical, and designed to increase strength and bond between men and the surrounding cement, FM TMT® rebars meet the requirements of professional construction without compromising the environment. With an installed capacity of 120,000 tons per year, Fabrimetal offers a wide range of products at competitive prices, directed to meet the growing needs of construction companies, distributors, resellers and individual customers.

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Our quality is steel

The calibration of all our equipment is tested and approved by an independent entity, duly accredited for this purpose, in the case of ISQ Labmetro Angola.

Fabrimetal’s FM TMT®(Thermomechanical Treatment) technology is used to produce high
tensile rebars through heating and cooling phases, which create a combination of micro-structural characteristics in the rebar profile. All rebars are hot-rolled, before passing through the following three phases.

1. Quenching

Rebars pass through a specially-designed, fully-automatic, and computerized quenching box.
Water is sprayed on the rebar surface to maintain a colder exterior temperature while maintaining a hot interior temperature.

2. Self-Tempering

Rebars are removed from the quenching box and left until the surface hardens, creating an outer layer of tempered martensite.

3. Cooling

Rebars enter the cooling beds. In this final stage, the austenitic core turns into ferrite-pearlite or ductile. The combination of a tempered martensite surface and ferrite-pearlite core provides a considerably higher strength and ductility to the finished material, making it ideal for building strong structures.

Internal laboratories in process of Accreditation ISO / IEC 17025

Fabrimetal - O seu parceiro no aço

Fabrimetal guarantees the safety and sustainability of its products, as it knows the requirements imposed on FM TMT® by the construction industry. The rebars are produced following IANORQ Standard NA 34: 2016 and LNEC Specification E-450 2010.


Fabrimetal - O seu parceiro no aço
Fabrimetal t“akes pride in offering a high-quality import substitute at a competitive price— Nacional production for domestical consumption! Its main factor of differentiation is the fact that it produces in Angola with international quality standards.
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