The Fabrimetal Quality Assurance team performs tests at each stage of the production process. The chemical composition our entire production of rebars is analyzed by a state-of-the-art SPECTROMAX spectrometer and, in parallel, a 60-ton automatic universal testing machine (UTM) analyses its resistance properties (tensile strength, tensile strength and elongation). After production, a sample of rebars is analysed by SGS, which measures the standard specifications. SGS is an international external testing and quality agency with which Fabrimetal has a strategic partnership.

Due to the intensity of our production process, and to reinforce risk management and workrelated accidents, Fabrimetal ensures the health and safety of its workers, with a 24-hour clinic in the premises, with independent management, despite maintaining partnerships with other local clinics.

Fabrimetal - O seu parceiro no aço

Our leadership is Steel


  • Product tested in internal laboratories, under ISO / IEC 17025 Accreditation process, according to international standards, NA 34: 2016 – IANORQ and LNEC Specification E-450 2010.
  • All FM TMT® rebars produced from recycled metal scrap bought in Angola:

    • a. Require less energy than the production of steel from iron ore;
    • b. Reduce the need for landfills;
    • c. Prevent the accumulation of abandoned steel products.

  • More resistant, higher tensile strength and better percentage of elongation.
  • Easier to bend, greater weldability and longer durability.
  • Good properties of corrosion resistance and higher seismic resistance.
  • Greater thermal stability (ideal for high temperatures).
  • Trademark ‘FM TMT’ visible on all locally produced rebars.
  • Diameters produced: 8, 10, 12, 16, 20, 25, 32.
  • Lengths produced: by measure (3m and 6m) and normalized (12m).
  • Automatic packaging, with proper labeling, in tied / lots of weight up to 2 tons with a length of 12 meters.
  • Each tie contains a standard number of bars, grouped by size and length, securely wrapped with wire, at 2.4 meter intervals (at 5 or 6 stitches).
  • Each bundle is identified with a rebar label, indicating the international standard used, size, number of units and date of production.
Fabrimetal - O seu parceiro no aço
Fabrimetal - O seu parceiro no aço
Fabrimetal - O seu parceiro no aço

Fabrimetal is a leader in the steel industry, producing FM TMT® rebars and complementary products, with international quality standards in Angola, one of the fastest growing economies in Africa.

Fabrimetal t“akes pride in offering a high-quality import substitute at a competitive price Nacional production for domestical consumption! Its main factor of differentiation is the fact that it produces in Angola with international quality standards.
Executive Director of Fabrimetal
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